Beth (hatchsep) wrote in youngmommies,


I took my son to toddler time at the library... and witnessed my first WEIRD mom. I knew they were out there somewhere! :-) I won't go into detail about what happened :-P My son was handing the weird mom's daughter some books, the mom saw Liam and told her daughter not to take the books my son was giving her. I was right there, I was going to put the books back (they were library books) well more kids started to show up (this is before toddler time), and she freaked out and made her kids (two girls) play at the opposite end of the library until toddler time. Well, inside toddler time she made her kids leave early because they wanted to do story time up front with the rest of the kids, the seats are actually for adults and parents with smaller children... she didn't want her kids playing up front, she wanted them to sit in a chair and listen... they didn't want to so they left... funny isn't it... those poor kids.
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